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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thanks to Flygirl (Elyse) and Keeneye for their comments but after putting on a counter, I have found that the blog is really not well seen (16 hits and at least 6 are my own).

Any suggestions on how to increase this viewage? If you have come on from the title, just look at my previous post for details.

Also, I am working on our next big Texas Holdem event. The dates will be October 1st and 2nd. The event name will be "Jake's World Series of Holdem for Habitat". The reason for a two day event will be because the main event (2nd) will be for the winners of one of our previous tourneys. The 1st event will give more people the chance as every table will be considered a final table and thus 4 to 5 more winners will be able to come to the next night. The prize for the ultimate winner of the event will be two nights on the beach at the Oregon Coast.

More details will follow. BTW, Joe from FoxTV won for the second time last night. Joe has shown to be quite a good player and to my knowledge has only been out of the final table once since he started playing.

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