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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It seems that the break in has brought up other problems now.

I received a call from the Justice Department Charity investigation section today. The reports on the break in caused them to pick up the story on the Internet.

It seems that Texas Holdem has recently been included in their umbrella of Monte Carlo events and our event as they see it now might be illegal by Oregon law standards.

So, till we have figured this one out, I am shutting down the event. I might need a little help on this one since I cant see how I can start it back up with out the rubber stamp of the Justice Dept.

I feel real crummy about this one but I cant fault the investigator. He is just trying to do his job. Maybe one of our new state reps might want to try and adjust some of the laws.

No one received money in the tourney but the issue seems to be the paying to play. What discourages me is that you come up with an idea to help someone and some lawmaker makes a law that stops it.

I will try and keep you posted.

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