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Holdem for Habitat Part 2

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Well, It looks as though we are going to be able to keep playing after all. It will be just a little bit different, however.

The Dept of Justice has given their stamp of approval to the following changes:

We will be putting a donation box at the register for Habitat for Humanity. The box will be there at all times.

The game will now be a free game with the ability to give a donation to Habitat at the register. As a matter of fact, if you donate using a check, you can use that donation as a tax write off.

There will be no more prizes for individual games other than the qualification for the big tourney next October and the satisfaction that you were the winner. Frank has agreed to try and come up with winning certificates. We will still be keeping track of the points and who plays so we can award those qualifiers also.

The big event in October will be just as it is now, except the tourney will be ran under the umbrella of Habitat with Habitat awarding the prizes. We will have time to work that out better by next October.

That was a very interesting 24 hours trying to figure out how we could continue on.

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