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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A young man stopped by last night and sat at the end of the counter. He left a small envelope behind. These are pics of what was in the envelope. One of the pics is very smeared (probably on purpose) and shows him up on a black railing of sorts. The other in a tree (we have a couple of thoughts on that one).
Minutes later, someone called the diner while blocking their number. When we answered the phone, they played Mongo's music and then hung up. I guess that means Mongo is still alright.

Anyway, I bought donuts for all from Sweethearts Donuts this morning. Ray asked what the occasion was and when I told him, he laughed so hard that he messed up on the change. BTW, I ate the maple chocolate bar on the right side....very tasty.
You know, I think I need to get our friend Monkey in the Box in on this one. Maybe he will have some ideas. Hmmmm

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