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Sunday, January 20, 2008

It is increadible when you realize that we are twenty days into the month and our Clothing, Blanket, and Food drive is still going strong.

As a matter of fact, on Friday when I took my last load over to Salvation Army, I was asked how long I intended on keeping up the drive. I told them all winter long. "Well, do you think you can back off just a little?" was what I was asked.

It seems that they are overwhelmed with inner clothes such as sweaters and sweats. They have more than they can deal with. They asked me if I could maybe get it trimmed down to just outer wear, blankets, sleeping bags, and food. Another thing that I found out is that they cannot distribute any food that is out of date.

I posted signs in the collection area and by mid day Saturday, we already had another van full. Although there are a few inner-clothes most seem to be what they are looking for.

Thanks again, Z21 for giving us the rocket that took this years drive off of the pad with a bang and for the various radio stations, the Bulletin, and Mike Schmidt from the Chamber for their continuous reminders that have help keep it going strong. And especially to the people who have come out of their way to bring items in (one guys drove all the way from Terrebonne). May God bless you all.

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