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Saturday, August 30, 2008

When I arrived at work this morning, one of my cooks pulled me to the side and asked for some help.

Her car was stolen last night and she didn't realize it until she headed to work. She called the police and was informed that her car had been towed. It seems that the lady that stole it was pulled over later with a DUI.

She said that she needed help to get the car out of the towing impound. I asked her who the tow company was and she said Roger's Towing out of Redmond. I then asked her if she had called them up and she said, "Yes, and I think I may have woken them up because they just said to call back at 9 and then hung up.".

I told her that she should not have any problems getting it out since it was stolen and that they should just explain that to the towing company.

Her husband called at 9 and was informed that the charge would be $230. When asked if they could get some help on the bill since the car was stolen, he was told no.

Now I don't know these guys at all at Rogers towing but it seems kind of bad and sad that they cant give people like that a break. It is too bad that it wasn't towed by Consolidated instead. Mike out at Consolidated is a great man who I am sure would understand.

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