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Saturday Revisted (Mothers Day Weekend Pt2

Monday, May 12, 2008

I woke Jay up around 7 and asked him if he wanted to take a shower. He asked if he could use the one in Nanny and my bathroom so I set him up there. I got ready and dressed for work and then noticed that the shower was still on. Sticking my head in the door, I asked, "You OK, Buddy?". "Do you have any soap, Papa?", came the reply. I showed him where the bar of soap was. "Do I just rub this on my body?", asked Jay. Now, Carrie, dont tell me that you dont use bar soap? After finishing his shower, Jay announced that he an his mom might move over with us as he loved the shower.

On the way to work, Jay asked me if I had some other job than greeting or bussing that he could do. "I cant think of any.", I answered. "Maybe I could work out in the office.", he thought out open. "Doing what?", I asked. "I could work out on the computers.". "What would you do there?". "I could check out Monster Truck dot com.", He giggled. As we walked in the door of the kitchen, one of the cooks, Shelley, asked Jay if he wanted to work with her. Jay gave me those eyes and I said, "Go wash up.".

Later, as I sat down with breakfast, Jay came out of the kitchen with his white apron on and carrying a tray of freshly baked brownies with Shelley in tow. He said he was hungry so one of the line cooks fixed him up some bacon and eggs and we ate breakfast together. "Do you think maybe I could take one of those brownies home?", he asked. "Maybe.", I replied.

Business got brisk and I jumped into the fray. Judy was running late and I had to run between the kitchen and out front. I noticed while setting out the plants on the deck that there were clouds in the sky. I grimiced knowing that the open house was in few hours and I wanted those mountains to be shining out.

With a little slow down in the pace of the sales, I retreated back to my office to do Fridays receipts. A small knock came to the door and there was Jay. "Are you finished?", I asked. "Yes, did I earn my monster trucks?", he asked. "Sounds good to me.", I replied. As he turned on Summers computer, he turned to me and said, "Papa, you would have given them to me anyway.". "How do you know that?", I asked. "Cause you love me.", he plainly stated and went about his surfing on the net. I thought that one over for a second and then said, "If you dont do the work, I shouldnt give you the trucks, right?". "Yup", came the reply. I marveled at how adult that kid thinks at times.

With another rush up front, Judy showed up to help. Carrie showed up to download some pictures that she had shot for a couple of grads and just before one, her and Jay headed out for his soccer game. Shortly thereafter, Judy and I headed that way also. As I walked across the field and looked at the team that they were playing, i knew that they were in trouble. They were obviously up against another traveling team as all of the jerseys had their names on the back. Jays parks and rec soccer team is called the "Jakes Diner Spiders". For a parks and rec team, they are awesome and had won their first three games only allowing one score against them. Then, in the fourth week, they were placed against a traveling team and got killed. Now, they would face another. I think that is so unfair. Traveling teams should play traveling teams. Park and Rec teams should not be fodder for them. It just demoralizes the park and rec teams. Towards the end of the game, the coach put Jay and Reese back on defense and that slowed them a little but they still managed to score a couple more. I think I need to call the park and rec guys and see if that can be changed.

After the game, Judy and I drove over to see Tarris. The clouds had almost completely socked in the mountains so needless to say the showing did not go well and we still had no offers. We talked a little about how the house was in the middle of the bussiest section of the market right now that had the most houses to choose from. We brainstormed a few ideas outside the box. In this market today, you must be thinking of all of the angles. I will be making up a banner to put on the fence that will talk of the outstanding mountain views and placing a wanted sign up at Jakes and other bulletin boards in town offering a $5000 reward for finding someone who will buy the house at listed price and a $1000 reward for just finding a buyer. This is something that I can do but the broker can not.

I dropped Judy off at the diner and dug out all of the coffee mugs for the give away on Mothers day. I then drove out to my Moms house and set up a record player for her (I also gave her a hug and told her that I would not see her the next day as I knew that it would be a big one). I then drove over to where Jessica had left her truck to get a PS2 out of the back of it for Trinity, stopped by Walmart to get an even stronger hook, stopped by the diner and visited with Carrie who had brought in Reese and Carlos along with Jay for dinner. Carlos had seen a picture of me when Carrie was a baby. My beard and hair were both very long. "Hiya Hippy!", he greeted me with that big Carlos grin. Carlos lives in front of Carrie and is a great young man.

Arriving back at the house (once again after dark), I finally got the fountain up on the wall. I turned it on but the water did not come out. Playing with the pump, I ended up breaking it so I jumped in the car and went out and got a new pump. After hooking it up, I found that it still didnt work and realized that the line was clogged. An hour later, I had it up and running and back in place. Judy came out to see it and said, 'Sorry, sweetheart, but I think I need it higher. Just about that time, the water line broke off of the back and the water started pouring down the wall. I unplugged it and took it back down off of the wall. Looking at the hook that was so hard to place, I shrugged my shoulders and called it a night. By now, it was after 10 again.

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