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Saturday, April 11, 2009

This week has been one of those crazy roller coaster types of weeks with lots of ups and downs.

On Monday, mainly up with Casey and Jess showing up. Judy and I drove to Brothers in her convertible. Our goal was to sneak by them and then follow them back into town. At Brothers, I felt they were not far away so we drove to the top of the next hill where we met them. Judy could not hold herself in and began to wave and giggle in glee. Jess saw her and they stopped at Brothers where we met Hartford for the first time.

Monday night, I won at poker again. I have won quite often lately after not winning in well over a year. Someone actually told me the next day that maybe I should let someone else win before others decide that it is not worth their while to come out. I just smiled.

Tuesday was spent in much frustration trying from time to time to get my new computer to work for me. I had come up with a few ideas, none of which worked.

Wednesday, I decided to go to Costco to purchase the newest edition of Microsoft Office to try and solve my problems. While there, I ran across another program that will move one computer to the other and that promised to be able to move Office also. It did not work. I called on company who then told me that I should call Microsoft who then told me that I should call the first company.....grrr.

Thursday morning, I kind of snapped. Over something seemingly small but small things can make for much bigger problems. In this case, my mind was occupied with the computer and other business problems when I was informed that we were almost out of ticket books. Now, you might think that to be a small problem but it is not and here is why. We are only a day out of a weekend and I need to ask for a rush order on the ticket books. I went out to Cash and Carry to get some to get by in the mean time and could only get tickets that were much smaller and thus will be harder to read by the cooks which will hinder the orders from coming out as fast as I want them to. If we go into the weekend with the smaller ticket books, our service will be slowed. Others had problems and questions which made my already shrinking brain work even harder. The end result was I got short with a couple of employees thus causing bad feelings and Judy eventually sitting down with me, holding me hand, and asking me to just get someone in to fix the computer for me. I think the girls asked her to get me out also for a while.

So, Thursday afternoon, I went over to Costco and purchased the latest version of Microsoft Office 2007. I remember thinking that 2007 was a couple of years back and how long would it be before this expensive program is now outdated. I also pondered on the fact that all main owners of Microsoft are the part of the richest people in the world and I was now making them richer.

I went back to the office with an hour to spare to pick up Jay from School. The office program would not work. So, I needed to call Microsoft customer service yet again after calling it everyday of the last week at least once. I was first told to calm down by the initial lady who asked for my information for the third time after the computer phone had already asked for the same info twice. The info being a 25 digit code for the software. She then asked for my address and I knew she had it on file already but she was only confirming that I knew it (at least in my mind). When she began to give me parts of it that I had not given her yet, I said, "See, I told you you already had my address.". "You need to calm down.", she said. "Calm down?", I returned, "I have been working on this problem for over a week and I keep getting the run around by all of the software companies. Now that I have purchased your software which is what you wanted me to do in the first place, I need your help not just another run around.". She informed me that I now qualified for free support and that she needed to get me a number for the problem that they would solve. I thought, "Great, one more number to write down.".

She then passed me on to a service tech from either Pakistan or India named Shakhur. As you can probably imagine, my blood pressure was now raising even higher. I struggled with the language accent and had to ask him to restate things over and over. He finally realized that the best approach would be to take control of my computer. He walked me through the steps to do so. In on sequence, he asked me to type ewreyone. "Ewreyone, what kind of word is that and how do I spell it.". He sounded frustrated himself as he gave me the letters. "First E....then We.". "We, what letter is we?", I asked. "You know, the one before W.", he returned. "Oh, everyone. I get it.".

Anyway, an hour later and 60 of my 1000 minutes per month on my cell phone used up, I know had my computer up and running six days after buying it. Fortunately, Trin stopped by and agreed to pick up Jay from school.

Friday went by kind of fast leaving me somewhat in a blur. I stopped by in the evening to check on the crew and found that they had sent one of the wait staff home because it was slow. I was tired and did not want to come back in but told them that if they got busy, to call me.

I then went home and sat down to the Blazer/Laker game. I nodded off throughout the very exciting game that was nip and tuck through out and went to bed somewhat happy after the Blazers won.

I awoke a while back wondering if the rush order on the ticket books ever came in yesterday. I guess I soon will find out.

Oh, and by the way, I know longer have any slippers thanks to my new pal, Hartford.

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