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Thanksgiving in prespective

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have tried writing stories of Thanksgiving but nothing says the story better than pictures. Thanks to my daughter, Carrie, for showing you the fun that we had. The end result was that we served approx 450 meals and raised $1000 to help someone in this extra needy holiday season.

The pies are prepped

and ready to be served

The food is also ready

as are the greeters

and Jimmy and family in the kitchen

The feeding begins

and so does the fun including Frank and his conga line

Musicians entertain

and friends volunteer

Deliveries are prepared

with more volunteers delivering

Friends are greeted

and interviews are made

The best part of the day are the friends

and the fun

Seating has to be adjusted

and more interviews made

Thanks to all of the organizations and businesses that helped

It was great to see the kids get involved

Birthdays happened

and great food was served

More musicians entertained

and more kids helped

Seniors had fun

as did the entertainers

Friends were made

Food was served and consumed.....until all was gone

and every slice was sliced.
Thanks to all who made this years Thanksgiving such a great success. To the organizations and businesses who donated food and time to the donations given to pay for some of the seniors meals to the many volunteers and musicians to Jimmy and his family that joined my own.
Thank you all and God bless you.

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