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The professional Co-Rider

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I see that Kent has made International news with his balloon ride. He not only put his business but Bend back in the news. Good job, Kent!

I have been putting a few memories up on the blog from time to time. I have alot of them from over the years, especially from the truck stop. I am putting them up hoping that someone will get something out of them...if they are just rambles and have no value, please let me know.

The Professional Co-Rider

One busy morning, I was summoned by one of the waitresses. “I’ve got a live one, could you please help me with her?”, the waitress asked. She then began to explain that the lady had been here for more than two hours, had complained about everything, and had even grabbed her hashbrowns, threw them over her shoulder hitting the customer behind her, and yelled, “You call these hashbrowns?”. The waitress had done everything that she could to please the woman to no avail.

Assessing the situation, I found that I had a middle aged female who that by the looks of her dress and the paper sack sitting in the chair next to her was probably a transient. So I quietly slid into the chair across from hers and struck up a conversation. She didn’t seem to be very happy to have me there and let me know with a scowl that showed off her missing teeth. I got the feeling that this wasn’t going to be a very enjoyable conversation.

After the formalities of introduction, I asked her if I could help her. “Your food is horrible and your service stinks.”, she reported. I apologized and asked her if she could be more specific. “You have foreign objects all through your food and the waitress won’t believe me.” she said., “And one of the things that I swallowed was a big piece of the plastic that was all through your hamburger.” I then asked if she had saved any of the pieces so that I could talk to the people that grind it. “You Idiot!”, came the reply, “I ate them and I can feel one big piece right now down in the corner of my stomach. I’m pregnant and it is pressing up against my child and when it comes out deformed, I’m suing you for it!”

I could see that we weren’t going to get far with this line of conversation, so I asked her if she was a driver. “I’m a professional Co-rider.” she explained. Thinking that she said co-driver, I asked what line she drove for. “I’m in between rides right now.” she replied, “I’m waiting for my next ride.” She seemed to be getting even more irritable of this line of questioning. “May I see your license?” I asked. “I don’t need one! I’m a professional Co-rider! It’s something that your probably not aware of. You managers of truck stops think you know everything but you don’t know nothing. Check with the D.O.T., they will tell you all about it.”

“Co-rider?” I asked trying hard to look at her eyes and not her teeth. “Would you mind if I asked what you do in that job?”. “Well, I ride along with the drivers and if they have a heart attack or something, I’m fully certified and I can revive them and I can even drive the truck if I need to.” She stated. “You’ve never heard of it because it’s a brand new profession, it just started, I’ve been doing it for 5 years now. Just check with the D.O.T., they know all about me.”.

Deciding that I was getting nowhere fast, I stated, “Let’s cut to the quick, if you don’t have any money, I will be glad to help you with some food, but I rather you be honest with me. That’s really all you need to do.” “I got plenty of money.” She stated. “Do you have an I.D?” I asked. She then began a story of how her purse and all identification had been stolen. She was furious that I didn’t believe her and she refused to pay for her food.

“Obviously, if you have a problem that you are ready to sue about, it would be beneficial for you if we make an official police report about it.”, I stated. “So if you don’t mind, I’ll just give them a call.”. “That won’t be necessary”, She quickly replied. “I don’t need the police, I just need a lawyer.”

“You know,” I replied. “I think this has gone far enough.”. “I need you to leave the premises, and don’t come back. I will take care of the check.”. “You doggone right you will!” She yelled as she rose to her feet. “And you have my husbands shirt on. I’m going to sue you for that too!”. As she headed towards the door, I shadowed her closely behind, fully aware of the stares of the surrounding customers.

As she passed the phones, she turned to a couple of drivers and asked them for smokes and whatever else she could get. With a tap on the shoulder and a point of a finger, I showed her to the door. “You still have on my husbands shirt!” She reported. I turned to the drivers and shrugged my shoulders as we all watched her briskly walk away, talking to herself as she went.

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