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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For over two years, I was kept out of the winner circle in our weekly poker tourney for Habitat that we have aptly named Holdem for Habitat. I have come close and was often in the final table but just could not pull the cards needed to go over the top. My buddy, Frank, would often laugh as I would seemingly have a hand and then get knocked out with a bad river card. This happened far to often. But I would comfort myself with the knowledge that poker is primarily luck and it doesn't matter how good a player you are, if you don't get the cards at the end, you just wont win.

For the past two weeks, I have been getting those cards and have now won two weeks in a row. The funny thing is that both weeks, Judy has told me that I would win when I left the house. That is a statement that she never made before so of course, she is taking the credit and, I guess, rightly so.

The feeling of winning feels pretty good. Especially when I know that we have some pretty darn good players playing every Monday night. Last night we started with four tables and the nights take put us over $15,500 since we first started playing a couple of years back. has been a while since I have seen my old friend and fellow blogger, Monkey in the Box. So, while I am on my high perch of reigning winner (no matter how temporary the title), I am calling you out, brother. I know you read me from time to time so meet me on Monday at high 6:30PM. That is unless instead of a monkey, you are a chicken.....

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